PTFE Micronized Poweder

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PTFE Micronized Powder

1. Product Features 

Through to the high grade PTFE products scrap materials, screening, cleaning, rough grinding, irradiation, fine grinding made of small size, low molecular weight PTFE micronized powder. As additive, used to enhance processing or end-use performance properties of host products and base resins. Even at low percentages the use of these micronized powders will impart some of the properties of PTFE to the host material.

2. Application

PlasticPlastics contain PTFE Micronized Powder can help provide :

■Improved wear resistance

■Increased Pressure x Velocity(PV) limits

■Reduced friction and stick-slip response

Typical loadings is 5 to 20% by weight.

Rubber:Elastomeric parts containing PTFE Micronized Powder will exhibit the following application properties:

■Improved lubricity

■Increased (hot) tear strength

■Better flex life

■Reduced friction and wear

Typically 5 to 15 %can be added to elastomeric compounds to achieve the desired properties.

Paints and CoatingsPTFE Micronized Powder is used as additives in pains and coatings where improvement in non-stick, mar resistance, slip, chemical resistance, and moisture repelling characteristics are desired.

InksPTFE Micronized Powder is highly recommended as additives in ink formulations because it offer a wide range of performance attributes:

■Improved abrasion, scratch and rub resistance

■Increased slip and surface lubricity

■Reduced blocking

■ Better chemical resistance

■Increased temperature resistance

■ Gloss retention

Typical loadings are 1 to 3% by weight.

LubricantsPTFE micronized powder is an ideal additive for lubricants with respect to any other solid additive because it offer:

■Low coefficient of friction and reduced wear

■Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance

■High temperature resistance

■Good low temperature torque


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