Microwave Digestion Tank

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Microwave Digestion Tank


Our products use imported PTFE modified resin as raw material. Through a special process and precision product process to produce. As the main supporting components of microwave digestion instrument, which are widely used in inspection and material analysis of multiple area, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and other industries.

Main properties: 

1.High quality and property  Using imported PTFE modified raw materials, sustain high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance.

2.Double protection  The vent hole as the cover at the top, and sealed inner cap as the important role to decrease the pressure.

3.Cooling quickly.  it is suitable for the air cooling and water cooling two ways.

4.Real-time temperature control  The bottom of Digestion tank adopt the lens structure design, through the microwave digestion instrument, temperature control system, display and control the temperature of the digestion tank. The temperature control range: 0-300 ℃, the precision monitoring is0.1 ℃.

5.Volume and pressure Volume is 100ML, the highest pressure-tolerant is 10MPa, to ensure the0.5 gcapsule quick digestion safely.

6.Multiple function  Support microwave high pressure digestion, microwave extraction, microwave COD digestion, amino acids and other digestion mode, also support the EPA and ASTM. 

Products Size: 50ML/100ML. 


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