Company Introduction

Tianjin Tiansu Science & Technology Group Technology Center is state-level enterprise technology center,one of the modern high-tech enterprises, with the integration of R&D and production. We have specialized in the fluorine plastic over 50 years.

The technology center is equipped with advanced technology facilities for the research and development of fluorine plastic, including blending modification laboratory, paste extrusion lab, machine room, performance testing room.

With the most advanced dry mixing technology, solvent mixing technology, wet mixing technology, configuration of CNC lathe, high precision CNC milling machine, the soluble fluorine plastic extruder melting equipment, development and production of all kinds of PTFE modified products, two processing products, financial products, soluble fluorine plastic extrusion, PTFE microporous membrane high density PTFE unsintered cable winding etc.. Products are widely used in national defense, aviation / aerospace, power, communications, chemical, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

With the rapid development of national economy and national defense, we will face more opportunities and challenges the research and development base of fluorine plastics .

We will adhere to the concept of scientific, pragmatic, innovation, excellence, development, and continue to accelerate the management of innovation and technological innovation, to make greater contributions to the development of our national economy and national defense construction. 

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