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Tianjin Tiansu Binhai Fluoroplastic Products Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of National Technical Center. The subordinate fluoroplastic R&D base has advanced production equipment and experimental instruments, specializing in the R&D and production of fluoroplastic products.

It has laboratories for fluoroplastics blending modification, paste extrusion, melt extrusion, precision machining, etc., and has domestic advanced fluoroplastics production equipment and testing instruments. It can produce all kinds of PTFE modified products, paste extrusion products, microporous products, expanded products, unsintered wrapping tape and meltable fluoroplastic pipes and other products. Products are mainly used in chemical, environmental protection, machinery, electronics, communications, aerospace and other fields.
Under the guidance of the industry association, we will not only create an advanced domestic fluoroplastic R&D and production base, but also become a platform for industry product research and development, technical exchanges, and business negotiations, and make a small contribution to the development of China's fluoroplastics processing industry. Welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire, we will provide you with first-class products and services.

We will adhere to the development concept of "science, pragmatism, innovation, and excellence", continue to accelerate management innovation and technological innovation, and make greater contributions to the development of my country's national economy and national defense construction.

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