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Tianjin Tiansu Binhai Fluorine Plastic Film http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Product introduction of PTFE tape: http://www.tjtsjt.net//

The PTFE tape (mifso-629 type) is made of pure PTFE dispersion resin, which is stretched by laminating and high temperature. It has low friction coefficient, chemical corrosion resistance and good sealing performance. It can be used at -250- It is suitable for the sealing of reactors, steam generators and various special-shaped cans and barrels when used at a temperature of +280. This kind of PTFE sealing tape retains the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE, and at the same time has excellent flexibility, compression strength, excellent creep resistance, cold flow characteristics, and high tensile strength. strength. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

technical parameter:

PH value: 0-14 http://www.tjtsjt.net//

How to use: http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Clean and dry the sealing surface, select a PTFE sealing tape of a certain width, tear off the protective paper of the adhesive tape, and press the sealing tape on the outer edge of the sealing surface. The two ends are crossed at a certain bolt. The remaining points are more than 2cm (Note: when used on a flat flange, the two ends must be crossed. When used on a grooved flange, they can be stacked in parallel and overlapped by more than 2cm.), close the corresponding sealing surface, Tighten the bolts evenly, and the intersection of the two ends will be pressed to the same thickness as the other parts, and there will be no leakage at the intersection. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Excellence: http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Excellent sealing performance. The sealing tape has a high degree of compressibility, it is easy to fill the cavities and grooves on the sealing surface, block the leakage of the interface, and have the characteristics of rebound and expansion when subjected to tension, so the higher the internal medium pressure, the greater the sealing force , Which is•Easy and quick to use. Cut a piece of PTFE sealing tape of the required length, and just cross the two ends to form a sealing ring of any size and shape. The adhesive tape attached to one side of the sealing tape can fix the sealing tape on the sealing surface of the equipment to facilitate installation. Then only a small bolt tightening force (minimum pre-tightening force is 50Kgf/cm2) can be formed very well. Seal. http://www.tjtsjt.net// •

Durable. Polytetrafluoroethylene has the best corrosion resistance and non-aging properties. The specially processed sealing tape is endowed with good creep resistance and long-term safe use in a wide temperature range. The most amazing feature of the sealing tape. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Clean and clean. The PTFE sealing tape is a white PTFE product, because it will not be corroded and will not age, so it will not pollute the contact fluid due to falling off. http://www.tjtsjt.net// •

It's a good deal. A wide variety of shaped sealing gaskets need to be cut or punched by hand, which is material and labor intensive, and the cost is naturally high. As long as the two ends of the sealing tape are overlapped, a sealing ring of a certain specification can be formed. Waste; few specifications of sealing tape can meet daily needs, saving the expensive cost of stocking various specifications and shaped sealing gaskets; expanded PTFE sealing tape can fully fill the irregular sealing surface, which can reduce The processing accuracy of the sealing surface has brought back some accessories and equipment due to the corrosion, erosion and wear of the sealing surface; in addition, because of its long service life and maintenance times, it is more economical http://www.tjtsjt.net//.

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