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Tianjin Tiansu Binhai Fluorine Plastic Film http://www.tjtsjt.net//

PTFE gasket http://www.tjtsjt.net//

PTFE has many applications as a sealing material. Because of its high corrosion resistance, stable physical properties, and high and low temperature resistance, it has achieved good sealing performance and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, and steel industries. Applicable media include almost all chemical components such as water, oil, acid solution, alkali solution and so on. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Introduction to Folding http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Refined from soft polytetrafluoroethylene. Durable, reliable sealing performance; PTFE itself has the best corrosion resistance and non-aging, after special processing, it has good creep resistance and cold flow resistance; it can be safe for a long time in a wide temperature range Use; soft and easy to cut, can be cut by machine or hand, easy to install. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Appearance color: white. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Applicable temperature: -180-250http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Applicable medium: PH 0-14 http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Regular size: 1250mm*1800mm, thickness 1-5mm http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Pure sheet OTH-2100 http://www.tjtsjt.net//

Folding production process http://www.tjtsjt.net//

1) Preparation of raw materials; ingredients: pure F4 products, raw F4 fine resin, crushed, sieved http://www.tjtsjt.net//

2) Mold preparation: wipe clean with alcohol, there is no rust and no attachments in the mold http://www.tjtsjt.net//

3) Weigh, according to the formula G=PV (where G is the amount of feed, P is the density of the preform (2.18g/cm3)

V is the product volume) Weigh the weight. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

4) Feeding: Distribute F4 resin evenly on the entire pressing surface. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

5) Pre-forming (pressing): Calculate the gauge pressure of the press according to the formula, and set the gauge pressure of the press. Suppress http://www.tjtsjt.net//

6) Demoulding and trimming: Take out the semi-finished product from the mold, trim its surface to make the surface smooth and the edges neat. Ready to shape. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

7) Sintering: Put the semi-finished product into the sintering furnace slowly, put it in an appropriate amount, and heat it up to about 390 degrees for one hour, and then keep it warm for one hour. After about four hours, it will start to cool down. After about four hours, it will reach the indoor temperature and proceed to the finished product. Out of the oven, the final shape is finalized. http://www.tjtsjt.net//

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